Leadership Alliance Quality Process

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Key Operating Principles for Optimal Long-! Term Results include:

• Align on and act from your core Values, Vision & Leadership Theory.

• Communicate “Above the Line:” No Shaming, Blaming, Justifying or Denial: take Responsibility for your actions & communication.

Learn and practice Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge:

1. Appreciation for a SYSTEM: Aim, Optimization, Customer Focus, Loyalty.

2. Understanding of VARIATION/Waste: how to see it; how to shrink it.

3. Theory of KNOWLEDGE: Experience + Theory = Profound Results.

4. PSYCHOLOGY of Leadership, Cooperation & Change: Win-Win.

• Learn and practice Deming’s 14 Points for Transformation.

• Deploy the Plan-Act-Study-Select/PASS Continuous Improvement Cycle.

• 85% of desired results originate in the First 15% of the process.

• Utilize the 80/20 Pareto Principle to ID/address Vital Few success factors.

• 95%+ of opportunities for improvement lie within the total business SYSTEM, which top management can only optimally upgrade with team input in a win-win, fear-free operating environment.

Note: the specific approach for your organization would be a customized hybrid of the essential steps presented here, depending on company size, complexity, aims, etc.

1. Introduce the Alliance Quality Method. Conduct Waste Analysis.

• Top management team participates in Alliance Quality Leadership Training (one day).

• Key elements of Quality, Systems, Loyalty, Sales and Marketing 101, Teamwork, Optimization, Profitability, best places to start, sustainability, etc., are explored.

• The Alliance prepares a custom plan for waste reduction and breakthrough quality improvement.

• Top leadership/management reviews, provides input and approves the master plan.

2. Create your Master Action Plan & Success Strategy: The Hoshin Success Compass™.

• Leadership participates in the Alliance Hoshin Success Compass™ strategic intensive; leadership coaching begins.

• All vital issues relating to the optimization of your business are surfaced and aligned into a clear action plan, with milestones, accountabilities and robust review structure.

• Key values identified, clarified and operationalized, providing your Values In Action (VIA) Code.

• The strategic guiding aim, vision and mission for your organization is clarified. Commitment to Continuous Learning.

3. Set the stage: Est. Steering Team; commence total team learning.

• Key Hoshin Success Compass™ results shared with all employees; Amnesty granted to all.

• Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) lead team formed.

• Success Metrics Dashboard: identify vital few Key Success Indicators. Dashboard activation and team involvement.

• Regular Quality Steering Committee meetings scheduled using Waste-Free Meetings™ format.

• Commence team skills, EQ, Communications, Life Quality Enhancement Training™; invest in your team’s total success.

4. Study Total Business System; identify key start/ leverage points.

• Master overview chart for your end-to-end Total Business System(s) created. All employees provide strategic input to identify both the waste and top target areas for business gain.

• Data stratified and reviewed; best start/leverage points and predictive patterns identified.

• Initiate continuous internal and external customer Loyalty/Delight data collection (TLC Survey™); analysis and integration. Deploy The Loyal Customer (TLC) System™.

5. Begin analysis of Business System specifics.

• Chart key system specifics to appropriate depth; data/levers analysis.

• Verify Vital Few launch points.

6. Select/target vital few projects. Form initial CIP teams.

• Confirm Vital Few launch points: The First 15%.

• IQ (Improve Quality) teams formed.

• Key improvement projects identified and initiated.

7. Targeted coaching and guidance towards Target Perfect.

• Additional quality tools and training provided Just In Time (JIT).

8. Review progress; hold gains; stay on target.

• The continuous Improvement Process journey is one of exponential learning, growth and achievement.

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