9 Skills for the New Economy

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By Harry S. Dent, author of the national bestseller The Roaring 2000’s

In my experience, people skills and problem-solving skills can be divided into nine more specific behavioral skills for succeeding in the workplace. Because these skills originate in the right side of the brain, they are more like behaviors than functional skills as we normally think of them. Nothing wrong with that. The smartest managers I know hire their people based on behaviors that have proved to be effective in their best employees in the past, not as much on functional skills or resume check-offs.

For you to avoid job shock in the world of tomorrow, you will need:

Problem-solving skills

1. Become results-oriented.

2. Be proactive.

3. Think creatively.

People skills

4. Know yourself.

5. Become sensitive to the needs of others.

6. Increase your tolerance level.

Integrative skills

7. Expand you ability to communicate.

8. Sharpen your business skills.

9. Get a grasp on information technologies.

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