Order out of Chaos

ORDER can emerge out of Chaos

INFORMATION informs us and forms us

RELATIONSHIPS are all there is

VISION is an invisible, organizing field

VALUES support and guide our journey

In order to thrive in a world of change and chaos we will need to:

Accept CHAOS as an essential process by which natural systems, including organizations, renew and revitalize themselves

Share INFORMATION as a primary organizing force in any organization

Develop the rich diversity of RELATIONSHIPS that are all around us to energize our teams (and ourselves!)

Embrace VISION as an invisible, organizing field that can enable us to recreate our workplaces and our world

Clarify and continuously affirm the core VALUES of our organization, to optimally support and guide our journey

Insights from Margaret J. Wheatley – Thought Leader, Author & Management Consultant www.MargaretWheatley.com

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