Meeting & Retreat Facilitation

Leadership Alliance offers a compelling menu of facilitation, training and consulting solutions tailored to your specific targets, needs and aspirations. From across America to around the world, we design, produce and present high-impact events for a deep roster of delighted clients. The aim of our proprietary suite of solutions, such as the Hoshin Success Compass™ strategic planning process, is to enhance your ability to meet and exceed your goals, both short and long term.

All sessions are conducted utilizing SuperLearning methodologies to maximize learning, performance and real-world results. All presentation modules integrate vital success principles, practical application and results tracking systems. Engagement formats include:

Meeting and Retreat Facilitation: Collaboratively designed meeting and retreat facilitation services, tailored to your specific needs. Services can scale from 8-person executive meetings to hundreds of people engaged in our interactive learning modules.

Consulting: From targeted short-term innovation, improvement and process upgrade projects to multi-phase transformation initiatives over time.

Leadership Alliance offers multiple options for custom meeting facilitation, program design, speaking and presentations. Connect with us here for more information, including sample topic descriptions, rates and to schedule an informal discovery consultation.


Keynotes, Workshops, Bootcamps

• Strategic Insight • Effective Action • Breakthrough Performance & Achievement

America’s Leading Priority Strategist, Matthew Cross is Founder and President of Leadership Alliance. He is an acclaimed thought leader, author and speaker with a passion for peak performance, innovation and genius activation. For over two decades, he and his firm have been a ‘secret weapon’ working with people, teams and organizations to align their priorities towards highest achievement, personally and professionally.

Everyone has vast, untapped potential for uncommon success and fulfillment. What’s the one quality all successful people, teams and organizations share?

They have their Priorities Straight. When priorities are out of order, inefficiency, waste and lost opportunities are inevitable. When priorities are aligned on the right actions in the right order, maximum lift, success and strategic advantage naturally follows.

Our electrifying presentations for corporate, public and educational audiences worldwide support optimal alignment of your priorities for best performance and results. Exclusive topics include:

• The Hoshin Success Compass,™ the world’s first seminar & book for personal application of the treasured Hoshin strategic prioritization process.

• The Golden Ratio for dynamic health, longevity & life balance.

• The Greatest Business Success Story & how to profit from it.

• Deploying the #1 predictor of growth & profitability.

• Optimal learning, communication & EQ for innovative advantage.

From compelling keynote speeches to half, full and multi-day deep learning retreats, we deliver high-impact presentations that inspire, empower and align everyone for effective action and great achievement. Formats include:

Keynotes: From high energy, high impact 30-minute keynotes to multi-hour presentations, Matthew Cross delivers Electrifying, engaging keynote presentations on a wide variety of critical value topics.

Seminars and Workshops: Custom designed and interactive, showcasing a wide variety of topics around peak performance, innovation and genius activation.

Bootcamps: From single to multi-day and multi-phase. Leadership Alliance brings decades of design and delivery mastery to bear in support of your specific targets, needs and aspirations.

Leadership Alliance offers multiple options for custom meeting facilitation, program design, speaking and presentations. Connect with us here for more information, including sample topic descriptions, rates and to schedule an informal discovery consultation.

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Leadership Development

Maximize Your Green Zone™

Your Green Zone is your optimal performance zone. It’s where your talents, strengths, passion and value all come together. Green stands for growth, moving forward and abundance. The majority of people’s time at work—whether client facing, operations or executive—is on activities that don’t add value to the business, don’t grow the bottom line and don’t engage or fulfill the person doing the work. Through a proprietary process created by Leadership Alliance’s founder, Matthew Cross, we show you how to concretely identify and maximize your productivity, fulfillment and impact in your personal and professional life.

Leaders’ GPS

Leaders have their priorities straight. Effective leadership is contingent on a clear sense of direction aligned towards a higher purpose for the individual, team and organization. The Leaders GPS process engages the Hoshin Kanri Strategic Alignment System to equip leaders with a proven methodology for enhanced decision making intelligence, right action and better results.  The process can powerfully scale from an individual, to teams to executive boards.

Strategic Success Principles

Principles are the foundation for right actions and desired results. According to Dr. W. Edwards Deming, the Einstein of quality and success, the core function of effective leadership is as simple as it is essential: to make accurate predictions about future performance and outcomes based on today’s actions. To upgrade the quality and impact of your actions and results, you must upgrade the quality of your daily operating principles. For example, Dr. Deming noted that 85% of the results that can be expected from any effort or endeavor are in the first 15% of the process. This principle is called The First 15% Principle. It says that you can vastly increase the quality and consistency of your results if you pay special attention and invest in the front end—the First 15%—of your efforts to achieve those results. Leadership Alliance has a powerful, proprietary suite of integrated success principles, strategies and tools that support concrete, bottom-line, results for people, teams and organizations.

Inspired Innovation

The art and science of innovation is about blueprinting an unknown future, product or service that adds greater value. Innovation requires activating and expanding your imagination, the touchstone of all breakthroughs and transformation. Everyone has the capability to tap their latent powers of imagination and innovation in a focused and purposeful manner. Leadership Alliance utilizes the thinking and practices of leading futurists, super learning technologies and pioneering processes to open the vault of innovation for people, teams and organizations.

Peak Performance Passport™

Passports equip you to travel to new and exiting places, where you expand your knowledge of what’s possible and gain inspiration to fuel your journey to your higher potential. Leadership Alliance has created a simple, powerful system encapsulated in an actual multi-page Peak Performance Passport, which supports self-led coaching and progress towards any aim. The theory behind our system is simple: you cannot effectively improve or transform that which you cannot see; you must make the invisible visible if you hope to navigate with more precision and power. The Peak Performance Passport™ allows you to connect the dots so you can make better decisions, which are aligned and best support your intended outcomes.

Engagement Options

Leadership Alliance offers multiple options for custom meeting facilitation, program design, speaking and presentations. Connect with us here for more information, including sample topic descriptions, rates and to schedule an informal discovery consultation.


Vision Strategy Priorities

Strategic Planning Mastery

We specialize in the world’s master strategic planning, prioritization, action and achievement system, known as the Hoshin Kanri Process. The Hoshin, as it’s commonly called, guides world-leading companies including Toyota, Honda, Proctor & Gamble and Hewlett Packard. Leadership Alliance’s proprietary GPS Hoshin Process key benefits include:

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• A tactical action plan detailing the exact prioritized steps for your team’s/organization’s greatest success.

• A fully aligned management team, committed to working together on the key issues revealed in session.

• Peak performance capabilities that grow exponentially over time.

• Vastly enhanced decision-making intelligence.

• A strategic life and work roadmap.

Leadership Alliance leads customized GPS Hoshin Process seminars, boot camps and retreats for individuals, teams and executive boards.

It’s not what you don’t know that holds you back—it’s what you do ‘know’ that isn’t so.

Dr. W. Edwards Deming, the Einstein of Quality and Business

Anything less than Hoshin is just playing at planning.

Geoff Crabtree, VP Strategic Planning; Methodist Healthcare System

What we focus on up-front determines our success. It really comes down to what you focus on, and all the rest just falls into place. Matthew Cross’ GPS Hoshin Process masterfully reveals and aligns your up-front success drivers, setting the stage for greater achievement in any pursuit.

James McNeil, Venture Capitalist

The odds of surviving the pace of the global investment banking environment have improved significantly, thanks to the Leadership Alliance’s trainings and the GPS Hoshin Process.

Mark Mula, Former Associate Director, Global Strategy Development, UBS

Vision & Values Alignment Process

Without vision, the people perish. With a compelling, magnetic vision people, teams and organizations flourish. Articulating and holding a bright vision of the future is a key responsibility and opportunity of enlightened leadership. Leadership Alliance provides an effective vision and values clarification process—and sustainment strategy—which enhances the unity, energy, mission and bottom line profitability of all organizations.

Bridge Discovery Process

The Bridge Process™ is an original, engaging graphical process for quickly and clearly capturing the four vital categories necessary for successful action and achievement:

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1. Present Condition—the current state of the union factors.

2. Ideal Future—key attributes of the desired future state.

3. Challenges—anything currently or projected to stand in the way of making it to the Ideal Future.

4. Bridge Points—all factors, resources, actions that would increase the alignment, lift and velocity of the journey from the Present Condition over/through the Challenges to the Ideal Future.

Leadership Alliance offers customized, multi-length presentation of the Bridge Process for individuals, teams and executive boards.

Quality Systems & Processes Optimization

Leadership Alliance is founded on the world’s #1 business growth and success factor: the art and science of Quality integrated into service and product. Every company, division and team has their own unique operational system and working processes.

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According the Einstein of Quality and inspirer of the Hoshin Kanri process, Dr. W. Edwards Deming, 95% of both the opportunities and problems in any company are due to the quality (or lack thereof) of that company’s system and processes.

Leadership Alliance helps you identify and optimize the critical systems and processes for greatest success and achievement in your company. Modules include:

• The art and science of optimization: purpose, processes, people and profits.

• Operational systems and processes analysis and optimization.

• Key quality principles, tools and practices to enhance efficiency and productivity.

• Alignment on The First 15% of success

• Eliminate waste and maximize profit

Art & Science of Loyalty

What is the #1 predictor of future growth and profitability in any business? Client Loyalty. How do you most effectively maximize loyalty? With the The Loyal Client (TLC)™ system, Leadership Alliance leads you through a comprehensive training system revealing the the 4 vital steps required to leverage loyalty, the untapped goldmine of organic growth within your business today.

Reduce Waste, Maximize Profits

The waste in most organizations is huge; in fact, studies show that a minimum of 20% of a company’s gross evenue is waste. Life the bulk of an iceberg, the vast majority of waste in organizations is below the water line — invisible but no less deadly to the health, profits and potential of every organization. Waste is defined as:

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•  Poor communication.
•  Insufficient/incorrect planning.
•  Insufficient/incorrect training.
•  Low morale/high stress/high employee turnover.
•  Time: Lost, poorly managed, etc.
•  Under-utilization of people’s skills & abilities.
•  High customer turnover/dissatisfaction.
•  Inventory: Excess, slow-moving, over production.
•  Product, service, solution defects.
•  Production, processing, transportation waste.
•  Waste of motion/effort; rework.
•  Superficial quick fixes vs. removing root causes.
•  Lost opportunities (sales, growth, etc.)
•  Lack of clear company values.
•  Unclear/misaligned priorities.
•  Working on the urgent/fire-drills vs. the important.
•  Low teamwork, poor synergy.
•  Lack of bright, compelling company vision.

Leadership Alliance’s working definition of Waste offers a clear and focused target of our waste reduction strategy:       The difference between the way things are today, and the way they could be if every action added value to the customer, and these Added-Value Actions worked perfectly: No errors, no mistakes, no failures, no problems, no rework of any kind.

Experience shows that waste reduction efforts add far more to a company’s bottom line net profit than massive efforts to increase sales alone. Leadership Alliance shows you how to identify and attack the 4 primary causes of waste in your company and supercharge performance, increase your bottom line and set the stage to achieve your company’s full potential.

Engagement Options

Leadership Alliance offers multiple options for custom meeting facilitation, program design, speaking and presentations. Connect with us here for more information, including sample topic descriptions, rates and to schedule an informal discovery consultation.


Culture Solutions

Team Building GPS

The strength of teams lies in their alignment, commitment, energy and  impact. Leadership Alliance deploys proven processes to elevate teams to the level where the whole exceeds the sum of its parts. From this state of team genius, great accomplishments can be envisioned and achieved. The Team Building GPS provides a highly interactive process to tap and align team potential for higher achievement.

Values Discovery: The VIA Process™

The ultimate success equation is as simple as it is profound. Values = Value. Our VIA Process™ (Values in Action) clarifies and distills a company’s values into a concrete guidance system for excellence. Our process supports taking the values from a merely conceptual level to one that supports right, daily actions and implementation. The aim is to infuse the values into the fabric of your company’s culture, creating continuous opportunities for healthy pride, performance and growing results.

Communication Enhancement

Healthy communication is the lifeblood of healthy culture and breakthrough results. In addition to sharing ideas and discovering new knowledge, communication at its heart means to unify, to come together as one: one heart, one spirit, one direction. We integrate a deep understanding of human behavior and psychology, coupled with fun and engaging modules that help individuals, teams and organizations transform the focus and impact of all communication. Modules include:

• The VAK Process, for optimizing our prime three communication modalities: Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic.

• The Golden Ratio Communication Bridge™, for vastly upgrading our prime three communication channels:

Body Language, Voice Tone and Words.

• The Art and Science of Dialogue, for tapping, aligning and expanding team genius. A powerful upgrade for team learning, decision-making and innovation.

Engagement Options

Leadership Alliance offers multiple options for custom meeting facilitation, program design, speaking and presentations. Connect with us here for more information, including sample topic descriptions, rates and to schedule an informal discovery consultation.


Health & Performance

Work Life/Balance GPS

Leadership Alliance offers proven strategies to enhance the efficiency, productivity and impact of working time. Most of life and work challenges, which are commonly thought to be due to lack of enough time, are in reality caused by lack of correct priorities. Our strategic solutions powerfully align your priorities, leading to higher quality work performance where you achieve more results in less time. We bring to life the conditions that support working smarter, not harder. One of the key outcomes, in addition increased work and financial success is increased work/life balance and overall higher quality of life. The aim is dynamic work/life balance, where you can fluidly adapt and better master the inherent chaos and challenges of life to your best advantage.

The Golden Ratio Peak Performance System

There is a fascinating yet little known universal principle for peak performance and results at levels. This principle supports maximum results with minimum effort. It intrigued geniuses throughout history, including Da Vinci and Enstein. Known as the Golden Ratio, it enhances health, wellness and overall performance, e.g., learning, presentations, all work activities and all fitness regimens and goals. Leadership Alliance founder Matthew Cross has researched and published four books on the practical application of this peak performance principle with a medical doctor. He leads interactive seminars and workshops which equip individuals to capitalize on this most powerful art and science of human performance design.

Stress Solutions™

“S T R E S S.” If there’s one word that sums up much of our daily life experience in this new millennium, this is it. We seem to be deluged with ever-increasing demands on every aspect of our lives and being, especially in our careers. Yet research proves the direct link between excess and chronic stress and endangered health, degenerative disease, depression, sub-optimal performance—the list goes on and on. Stress means we are out of balance; left untreated, this can lead to very serious long-term effects on our health, success and life.

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What to do?

Many organizations are rapidly discovering the fact that excess stress is not only bad for people, it’s bad for business. Many enlightened organizations are instituting quality stress management programs for their people, with great results. For example, the J.P. Morgan Company provides a nap room complete with tents, eye-shades, blankets, and music players with headphones for their most high-stressed people. Home Depot offers better nutrition classes and stress-relief trainings to its team members, and companies world-wide are offering various programs to help their people manage and systematically reduce stress – both on and off the job. More good news: In addition to more relaxed, healthier, happier, and higher performing team members, the results also show up on the bottom line; studies show that a quality wellness/stress reduction program can return a minimum of $7 for every $2 invested. This is a 350% return on investment.

Our StressSolutions™ training offers organizations of all sizes a comprehensive stress reduction system that can be custom-tailored to your specific needs. Our aim is to offer immediate first aid for the symptoms of stress, while at the same time addressing and reducing its root causes. Presented in an enjoyably interactive workshop setting, StressSolutions™ integrates the latest leading-edge techniques for effective, self-directed stress reduction. Participants learn powerful tools for short and long term stress relief, and become equipped with easy strategies and skill sets for dealing effectively with stress at all levels, including:

 • Relaxation Training

• Easy Yoga Exercises

• Guided Meditations

• Balanced Exercise Programs

• Therapeutic use of Sound and Music

• Golden Ratio Breathing

• Optimal Nutrition for Stress Reduction

• Stress First Aid for Instant Relief

We provide both short and long term solutions for stress, at every level of your business.

Healthy Living & Wellness

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, The First Wealth is Health. Health is truly the foundation for all success in life and business. In this context, health is not a luxury—it is a vital necessity. Leadership Alliance’s founder, Matthew Cross, has a life-long interest in total health, wellness and peak performance. In addition to being a competitive athlete, he is the co-author with a medical doctor of an acclaimed book and system for enhanced health and longevity. He has designed and led multi-phase, multi-day workshops and boot camps teaching professionals how to reclaim and enhance their health and total performance.

Engagement Options

Leadership Alliance offers multiple options for custom meeting facilitation, program design, speaking and presentations. Connect with us here for more information, including sample topic descriptions, rates and to schedule an informal discovery consultation.



The Art & Science of SuperLearning

Learning is our #1 strategic advantage, in life and business. Yet most people focus predominantly on the WHAT of learning—the subject— vs. the HOW of learning—the Method. Based on decades of scientific research and real-world application, Leadership Alliance’s SuperLearning Technologies assures optimal learning, understanding and recall of any learning subject. The system activates and integrates both hemispheres of the brain, as opposed to the prevailing left-brain focus dominant in most learning environments. This opens up vast potentials to optimally learn and remember for anyone who uses these methods, in both a learning and training context. This optimized learning system also helps restore fun and imagination to the learning process. The key here is quality, not quantity: learning much more in less time, and then locking the learning into your long-term memory. Through this process you learn the art and science of how to learn and remember 500%+ in half the time or less.

Engagement Options

Leadership Alliance offers multiple options for custom meeting facilitation, program design, speaking and presentations. Connect with us here for more information, including sample topic descriptions, rates and to schedule an informal discovery consultation.