Flying Healthy Strategies

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NOTE: The following ideas are not meant to treat or diagnose any medical condition or disease and are provided for educational purposes only. Consult your physician or health care professional before trying any of these healthy air travel ideas.


Humidity is a desert-dry 20% or less on planes. You MUST hydrate yourself to combat your body’s continual loss of vital water with each breath. Every 1% loss of your body’s water reserves greatly increases your vulnerability to the notoriously poor-quality air on planes.


• DRINK WATER every hour at least; 8 ozs. minimum. Water best; juices/sodas NOT ideal for hydration, in addition to being way too sugared; alcohol dehydrates. DRINK at least 16oz. water AFTER the flight as well. VITAL.

• APPLY 100% Aloe Vera Gel to your entire face prior to the flight (helps seal in moisture/protect your face). Option: Lotion. OFTEN OVERLOOKED: Rub some just inside your nostrils as well; important to keep the delicate filter tissues in your nose moist; lip balm also works here.

• MIST your face several times during flight, ideally with a 2-3 oz mister of light facial moisturizer.

• USE a moisture-rich lip balm before and during flight; can also dab some just inside nose.

2.  NOISE 

HUGE, hidden stress factor on flights; engine noise causes much stress/wear on the body.


• USE noise-canceling ear/headphones. Keep your ears covered always, unless talking.

• OR—low-tech/high impact-value alternative—use quality earplugs—get “HEAROS” earplugs at most any drugstore; make sure they protect your ears to 30 decibels or above (shown on package).


You must get up and move several times during flight. Sitting too long is both dangerous (increased blood clot risk) and unhealthy.


• When not sleeping, get up at least every hour and even just walk to the bathroom and back to your seat.

• Ideally, do 3-5 mins. of stretching/twisting/yoga near the open space by the bathroom every 2 hrs. or less (ignore any funny looks from passengers. It’s your body/health/life. Also do seated yoga/stretches).


Options include these


• Fish Oil capsules, Ginko extract/capsules. Consider also taking an aspirin. Take any/all prior to flight.


Vital to fortify and protect your immune system from the unhealthy air and higher radiation exposure at altitude.


• Take 1000-2000mg. Vit. C.  Emergen-C fizzy drink packets are ideal; drink one prior and one during flight (mixes in water). Available at Whole Foods, Trader Joes, many drug stores.

• Olive Leaf extract or capsules (best is from Gaia Herbs; get at any Whole Foods). Take prior to flight.

• Grapeseed (not fruit) capsules. Take prior to flight.  • Echinacea extract or capsules. Take prior to flight.


Enough sleep PRIOR to your flight is vital; key to immune system strength.


• During flight naps, be sure you have a decent eye mask, earphones/plugs as above, and ideally a neck pillow which encircles/cradles your neck. Loosen/discard shoes when napping.

• Be sure to drink 8-16 ozs. of water BEFORE you nap.

7.  FOOD 

Good blood sugar levels also key to mood, immune system, stress reduction.


• Ideally, eat a healthy, balanced meal 1-2 hrs. BEFORE flight.

• If you must eat in flight, bring a healthy/high-protein meal on board; avoid white sugar; limit/avoid alcohol.


It is critical to wash off micro-contaminants from unhealthy plane air. If must wait, at least wipe down ALL exposed skin surfaces—and hair—in airport restroom with damp/wet paper towels. You’ll feel the difference—critical to clear/clean your skin ASAP post-flight.


Literally: Walk barefoot on the ground ASAP for even 3 mins. after landing. This easy practice helps connect you to your new location and discharges built-up static electricity. Try it!

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