Conflict Resolution Guidelines

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• Set the stage by agreeing to engage the issue in the context of Dialogue:

—Treat the other person as you would wish to be treated (The Platinum Rule). Always engage from honorable ground.

—Suspend your agenda and “position” as much as possible.

—If the issue/person is particularly volatile, consider having a third/neutral party to help facilitate the issue(s) towards/to resolution.

• Come from Grace.

• Always look for the Positive Potential in the other person.

• Practice Active Listening: Listen without waiting to immediately talk/defend.

• Acknowledge that everyone is “right” from their perspective.

 Ask Clarifying Questions whenever you disagree or don’t understand; avoid making assumptions.

• Strive for Unity, Inclusion, the Greater Good and Win-Win-Win+.

• Use “I” vs. “You” statements, as “You” statements keep you in the blaming/victim seat, whereas “I” statements keep you in a greater place of personal responsibility, power and control.

• Seek to identify and agree on small yet meaningful steps forward towards resolution of the issue(s). Turn these steps into written, date-sensitive milestones as necessary, for mutual clarity, understanding and progress.

Review and celebrate progress on a consistent basis.

Read Article as PDF

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